Creating Task in Microsoft Project

A project normally consists of tasks. Tasks are defined as activities required to complete your project. Tasks are entered in Microsoft Project into rows and columns much the same as data is entered into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. 

How to add new tasks in MS Project ?

How to create new task in Microsoft Project ?

Organizing Tasks in MS Project :

Tasks can be grouped into phases. Microsoft Project allows you to display the phases as well as the tasks – the phase headings are actually referred to as summary tasks.
A summary task is created when the detail tasks below it are demoted in the hierarchy. The summary task is automatically calculated to start at the start date of its earliest subordinate and will finish at the end date of its latest subordinate. Microsoft Project will also sum all project costs as well as calculate summary start and finish dates.

How to organize tasks in MS Project ?

What is the first step in creating task in MS Project :

Now this is where we get into a chicken and egg scenario. Should you enter the phase headings first and then the sub-ordinate tasks, or should you enter all of the tasks and then the phase headings later? It really doesn't matter; it's horses for courses.
Entering tasks can be done in two ways:
  • Top down : where specific summary tasks are worked out first, and then the detail tasks required to complete the summaries.
  • Bottom up : where the tasks are worked out and then grouped according to specific summaries.
You can elect to enter the tasks first, then the summaries, or you can enter the summaries then the tasks.
When you have both summaries and tasks in a project your project has a hierarchy. Project managers traditionally use a hierarchical organisation known as a work breakdown structure to identify major components of a project and then the detail required for each of those components.
The trick is not which you enter first: summaries or tasks. The trick is being organised to begin with. It is a good idea to have your task list well and truly determined before you enter it into Microsoft Project.

What is the first step in creating task in MS Project ?

Scheduling Modes in MS Project :

Tasks comprise of details such as duration, start date and finish date. In addition tasks are related to one another and these relationships together with the duration and dates form the overall project schedule. 
In Microsoft Project tasks can be either automatically scheduled, where Microsoft Project takes care of assigning and adjusting start and finish times, or manually scheduled where you control when dates and times will be adjusted and calculated. 
Tasks can be switched between automatic and manual scheduling at any time. When a new project file is created the tasks are manually scheduled as a default. This is indicated in the status bar at the bottom left of the screen. 

Manual scheduling only became available in Microsoft Project 2010. Prior to this version projects were automatically scheduled. If you open a project in Microsoft Project 2010 that was created in a previous version it will still remain automatically scheduled. 

What is automatic and Manual scheduling in MS Project ?

What is automatic and Manual scheduling in MS Project ?

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